Sunday, June 1, 2008

T-Minus Two Months :)

God continues to be faithful. There have been many ups and downs over the past few months but in the end God reminds us that He is in control of all this and we are just being used by Him. So lets see, what has been going on. We found out where we would be living when we get there. It is a two bedroom apartment with beautiful windows that let in a lot of light. There are two girls from the school living there now and they have sent us some pictures and are selling us a bunch of their furniture. We are so excited to be able to look at our new home and plan how we will make it our own. Above are some pictures of our new kitchen and living room :)

In May we were able to send a bunch of our belongings and my parents stuff up to Josh's house and his mom and aunts put on a garage sale for us. It went very well and not only did we make money off our belongings but we were even able to bless a few people in the process by giving them items that they needed and may not have been able to afford. It was a great day, and everyone involved had a lot of fun.

So we are in the final countdown with two months till we leave. Much to be done between now and then like finishing packing and sending all our stuff to the shipping yards, as well as going to a two week training session and a week intensive class for our masters course, but we are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves :)

More updates to come!

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