Friday, July 25, 2008

6 Days Left!

So we are in our final count down till we leave, but let me just say we are so so so ready. All our bags might not be packed and all our goodbyes might not be said but are hearts are ready for the next chapter in our lives. There are still nerves and little bits of sadness with leaving all those that we love but we are ready and excited!
A support update :)
We are almost there so a BIG THANK YOU to all those that have supported us! We still need $125 a month to be coming in but we are so blessed with all that has been donated. If you are still looking to support us or know anyone that is looking to support a missionary let us know so we can go over 100% supported. That has been our prayer since day one and we know that God has the power to make it a reality. Once again thanks to all those that have supported, we are here because of you!
Well, not sure if we will be able to get another update out before we leave but if not we love you all and will update you from the other side of the pond :)

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