Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Week In!

Well, we have been here for a week now and it seems like we have been here much longer...but in a good way. We love everything that we are experiencing and love all the new people we are meeting. God continues to be faithful to us in so many ways that we can't even describe.

Yes we miss you all but by the grace of God we have found a new family here that has welcomed us with open arms and we are excited for our time here with them.

Soon I will be posting pictures of our apartment but at the present state there are boxes everywhere so it is not picture ready.

Ok funny story, well maybe not funny but this is one of the new things we are learning while here. Austria is very into recycling and each apartment has about 5 different bins to throw things out in. They range from bio, glass (dark and light), plastic, metal, paper and then everything else (ok so that is way more than 5 :)) So because we have not figured out what they want in the bins like for instance what they consider plastics we have not thrown anything out. I know that sounds really gross but we have been told that if you throw items out in the wrong bin they will stop picking up the trash at the apartment. So Josh and I have decided that we do not want to be the reason that the garbage is not picked up. Long story short we now have made tonight our garbage night and have set aside the whole evening to figure it all out. Sounds kinda sad I know :)

Well have to head back to another meeting but will work at keeping this more up to date, love you all!

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