Friday, October 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I know many of you probably already know this by my Poppop passed way on September 27th. We are now in the process of packing up to head to Florida for a week to attend his funeral services and be with family. It is a very weird thing to be so far way one someone dies, but we are thankful for the amazing communication we have had with the family during this time. My parents and my Uncle Steve and Aunt Liz were able to be with him during his last days and my mom was able to hold his hand and sing with him as he passed and went into the arms of Jesus. His last few days were the most beautiful story I have ever heard. He spent time with loved ones, read scripture and sang hymns to Jesus. He told my mom while they were there that he had been praying a lot since he went into the hospital two weeks ago and my mom asked him what he had been praying about. He said he had prayed that Jesus would take him home. He was ready to be with his father and we are blessed to know that we will see him again.
Although all this is very comforting it has been a hard process dealing with this. I have been so blessed to have him in my life for so long that it is weird to think that he will not be at our next family gathering. He was such an amazing man and I hope he knew how much I loved him and looked up to him.
Thank you for all your prayers, words of encouragement and for those that are here at VCS your hugs. Although being away during this time has been hard, our new family here in Austria have surrounded us with more encouragement and love then we ever expected. I just can't wait to see my Poppop in heaven one day!

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