Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Festival

We are back!! So sorry that we have not updated this in a while. I really need to get better at this but life is just crazy, as you all know :) We just started our fifth masters class through Liberty University and that keeps us very, very busy. But enough apologizing lets talk about life here. As I have said it has been very busy but very fun. On October 31st our school had their annual Fall Festival. It is a night that the school opens up their doors for families and friends of students. We play games, give out candy and then the musical choirs have a little performance. Since this years Fall Festival landed on Halloween the students were allowed to dress up and enjoy the activities. It was a lot of fun getting to interact with the students and their families throughout the evening. One of the fifth grade parents e-mail our fifth grade teacher and had this to say about the night...

It was my first time to attend such an occasion at Vienna Christian School. I very much admire the closeness and the family like atmosphere upon entering the building. Much to my galore the friendliness and the great costumes that Friday night added colors to the main event. The programs were great and very entertaining the pie throwing, WOW!

Here are some pictures of the night :)

Josh and the Student Activities Director Nick dressed up as refs.

The Arm Wrestling station

Two of my fourth graders sword fighting :)

The third through fifth grade choir, singing their little hearts out!

Josh being a good worker and manning his Penny Splash station all night :) Everyone loved him because he gave out candy whether or not they won :)

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