Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sing with us HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD?!!!

WE WILL BE OPEN NEXT YEAR!!!!!! We just got word from the director that Vienna Christian School will stay open next year. God you are so AWESOME!!!! We cannot begin to describe to you the relief that the faculty and staff are feeling now! If you have already read our last blog you can see where my heart and head were during the last few weeks and God just did His thing and worked out what needed to be worked out.

On Monday we had a surprise visit from the guy in charge of all of this and he just wanted to see how VCS runs on an everyday basis. After his tour he had a meeting with all the administrators and important people and basically said that he does not have the power to shut us down. We are not completely out of the woods though...we still have to get all our paperwork in and be in compliance with the government, but it does not have to be in by June (which was the original deadline). He also said not to tell parents that we will not be open because we will!!!!

So sorry that this is just the skin and bones of what is going on but we are still hearing news at random times but we will let you know more details as they come out.

Finally we want to hug all of you and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!! Through your prayers you are the ones that have made this happen. Not only your prayers but your support to both Josh and I when we thought it would all be over in an instance. Your e-mails and words of encouragement really lifted us up and made us feel a part of the greater family of God.

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