Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Thoughts on the Visa Situation

So I am going to be honest with you all and just say that I have been struggling greatly this break about the future of our school. I just hate not knowing where we stand on the issue and our information comes to us spotty and sometimes sugar coated at best. I by no means mean to diss our administrators because I know they are working very hard to come to a resolution on the matter but I wish sometime we knew more. I feel trapped sometimes because I get caught up in what will happen if we close down. Josh and I both feel called to the mission field and we thought this would be our home for the next four years but sometimes it looks like this could be the end and then other times we feel that God will work it all out. But then again we know He will work it all out but it just might not be the way we would see fit. God is really working on my heart in this area because I can get very antsy and God is telling me to "be still and know that HE is God!" It can be tricky for me at times but I continue to stay in prayer over the issue and know that where ever we are next year we will be right where God wants us :) So like I say we hear different things from different people and no one that I have talked to knows exactly what is going on. But the Lord knows and He will work it all out in His timing.
Thanks for reading how my crazy mind works, and now you can better know how to pray for us. Once again we will continue to update you as we find out news :)

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