Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I know, I know this is a little late but our Internet has been down for the last week and after spending 2 hours in a line at the Internet store we have it back!!! We are so excited to be back in contact with the world! We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and is looking forward to ringing in the New Year.
We have been off of school since December 19th and then we were off to the airport on Saturday to pick up my parents and Steve and Sarah!!!! We spent the week together touring the city and eating lots of great food. Sarah's brother and his wife, Mark and Kirsten also came from their ministry in the Middle East to spend Christmas with us! We had an amazing time together and were just so happy to have family here for the holidays. Everyone left on Monday so we are now working on getting back into our normal routine before school reopens on January 7th. Not to much planned for the rest of our vacation, just spending time with friends and eachother as well as a lot of rest. Having 6 visitors can be very busy but very worth it :)
Oh and I think one of my New Years resolutions should be to keep this blog better up to date, we'll see how that all works :) More to come!

Waiting for the U-ban on their first night here

Their first Sunday eating out after Church in the basement of a very old restaurant.

Mark, Kirsten, Josh, Me, Sarah and Steve outside the National LibraryOur Christmas tree!

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Sam Smith said...

Happy New Year, Josh & Beth. I came across your prayer card today and just wanted you to know that somebody at LU is thinking of you. May God grant you peace throughout this new year. ~ Sam Smith