Friday, August 15, 2008

The Container Has Arrived!

Praise the Lord! The container with all our belongings arrived this week and everything is in perfect condition. We are so thankful that God protected everything on its long journey. Now we have the fun job of unpacking everything and putting it up in our apartment. With each box that we open it seems like Christmas to see all of our pictures of family and friends and all of our decorations that we have collected over time to make our house a home. I promise once we get everything in order we will out up pictures of our new home.
Here are some pictures of the container arriving :)

All hands on deck to unload the container :)

Josh bringing in one of our bins

All of our boxes in the hall of flags at school :) :)

Here comes our bed!!!!! Everyone says we are so smart for bringing the bed :)

A much deserved cookie, brownie, and drink break after unloading everything :)

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