Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school!! We cannot believe that it has finally come. We are so excited to start but there are also a lot of nerves that come into it. I (Beth) have a class of 14 4th graders. Three of them are non-English speakers and three are moderate English speakers, so that will be interesting to deal with. I also will have a student who is Islamic and three that are Roman Catholic and a hand full of students that do not claim a religion. What an amazing opportunity I will have this year to tell them about our great God! But it can also be intimidating especially with those students that do not speak English. Josh is very excited to start teaching gym. He has had his fair share of obstacles to work around like the fact that there is no gym, but that will not stop him and he is ready to start. Tomorrow he will have one middle school class in the afternoon because elementary students do not start special classes until Thursday.We have also found out that we will be the freshman class sponsors! We are really excited for this opportunity to form close relationships with the students of the freshman class and then stay their sponsors until they graduate. Another opportunity is that Josh and two other guys from the school have found an Austrian basketball league to play in twice a week. They are really excited because this will be another opportunity to share Christ to those on their team. This is a group of Austrians that have not been reached through our school because of the high competitiveness that has not been able to be reached until the three of them came along. We and our school director are really excited about this chance to win some more souls for Christ.Our house is almost set up, I know I promised pictures and they are coming but not quite yet. Below are pictures of my classroom, there are none of Josh's because as we said earlier he does not have a room :) More to come soon...............

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