Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Flat!

We are finally done unpacking!!! A few more little things to pick up from IKEA before it is completely done but for the most part we are all done :) So here you done by Josh :)
Our kitchen

Our front door and foyer area

Our guestroom/study

Our bedroom
My dresser :)
Our huge closet that was given to us for free!

Dining room table all ready for our Taco night with the Stocketts

The foyer looking into the living room

The living room

Living room

Hallway to the bedrooms

Now that you have seen it I bet you are all booking tickets to come visit us :) Just kidding but now you know there is always room for you, we would love to have you visit!


Little Shop of said...

Hi guys!! Everything's looking great. I wish I could come over for dinner and visit with you both. Don't worry, we'll be over there soon. Rory and Paddy say hi and they miss you both as well. You both look really happy, and whenever you get homesick, just run down to McDonald's, it'll get you right back on track! ;) Thinking of you often, love the updates. Talk soon!!! Erin xoxoxo

leslie.kidd said...

Your appartment looks great! When are you having us over? ;)

ben said...

looks great -- hope you both are doing well!...