Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Days Down :)

All dressed up for the first day :)
The sign outside my door!

So we are two days into the 2008/2009 school year and so far so good. Josh's first day was slow with only one middle school gym class because elementary gym does not start till Thursday. Although it was slow class wise he was able to get a lot of work done with planning and enjoyed walking around the halls meeting the students. He also had to do 9th grade homeroom because we are the sponsors of that class. As for me my days have been really good. I now have a class size of 15, a new girl was added to my class after school on Monday. So far the class has been really sweet. It is a big difference between VCS and the other school that we taught at because these kids never talk. During snack time these last two days I kept telling the kids they may talk to their neighbor in a low voice and not one said a word. It was a little weird but I bet in a few weeks I will be wishing they were quite again :) So I have had half days these past two days and I will have another half day tomorrow and then will start full days on Thursday. I am excited to start with the full days because I will then be able to get working more on the curriculum part of it all. I think my kids are enjoying class, which is a good thing. I can always get them smiling and their little hands are shooting up like rockets to answer questions that I ask. The few parents that I have seen after school have all said that their kids are enjoying school. These comments bring a smile to my face because they let me know that I am doing the right thing :)Not much more to say about school but I am sure all that will change when we are in full days and a few weeks into school. Thanks for all your prayers about our first days, we really felt them :)

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Kelly said...

Beth! This all sounds so great. Congratulations on making an impact in these kids' lives. Gosh, I wish you were MY teacher! ;-) You are awesome.

Love, Kelly O'Brien

p.s. my older sister found a picture from when she was at senior high camp one year with you and amanda rowe shushing them after lights out... really funny picture, of course.