Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm 24!

Oh right, today was also my birthday. A little weird waking up for your birthday in another country but also really cool. So here is how I spent my day for all of you that are sitting on the edge of you seats :)
We finally got to sleep in this morning and get some much needed rest :) Then we spent the morning shorting through some more boxes and Skyping my parents which was great! Then in the afternoon we went to one of the other teacher’s house who lives on the river and spent the day eating cake and hotdogs, and playing games. They even gave me a Burger King crown to wear in honor of my day :) We also got to watch the Olympics which was fun, we cheered a lot :) It was really a great day spending time with our new family and really seeing how much they cared to make my day special. We love them all and are so blessed to be apart of the team. This will go down as one of the better birthdays :)

Me and my Burger King crown :)

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rgj54 said...

So glad you had a great birthday.